“Gouda will be best plant-based cheese you’ve ever had—the perfect example of real, deep dankness.”

Snowtill is one of the latest brands to hit Alpaca Club and their reputation speaks for itself. Everyone knows that these guys have the real deal FIRE products.
No-till cultivation is a method utilized by some of the best growers in the industry to produce clean, delicious flowers. By harnessing the power of living soil, Snowtill cultivates top-shelf cannabis without resorting to synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. This approach nurtures a holistic ecosystem where plants thrive naturally, resulting in unparalleled quality and sustainability

“Gouda delivers a powerfully cheesy stankiness that reminds us that cannabis has so much more to offer than the typical terps—a must-try for any connoisseur interested in experiencing unique flavors.”

Now, let’s talk about Gouda. Born from a lineage of Norton (Sour Diesel x Cheese) crossed with Jesus OG (Jack the Ripper x Hell’s OG), this strain boasts a pungent cheese aroma that commands attention. With 2% terpenes, Gouda delivers a flavor profile that’s as bold as it is distinctive – a true delight for any cannabis connoisseur seeking a one-of-a-kind experience. Dive into the world of Gouda, and discover the endless possibilities of premium, consciously-cultivated cannabis.

Try the Gouda or the Piescream from Snowtill today: here