Watermelon + Pink Peppercorn | 4 x 11oz Drinks | CBD + THC | MAISON BLOOM


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This Strain Specific, Whole Plant, Single Barrel creation is a fusion of watermelon, California pink peppercorn, and earthy notes conjures daydreams of barbecues and hot summer nights enjoying the subtle slowdown and pristine nature of Sonoma. Blended with a sessionable dose of Sonoma Hills Farm’s signature Sun+Earth grown craft cannabis Pink Jesus strain and enhanced by our proprietary blend of cannabis terpenes to elevate both flavor and effect delivering a distinctly cerebral elevated state and total body euphoria. Enhanced by the full effects of the Whole Plant including THCa, CBN, and a full slate of novel cannabinoids that deliver a unique ensemble effect. Best served chilled or on the rocks. Garnish with a watermelon wedge or sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt to give it an extra pop as it hits your taste buds. Aromatics: Notes of a fresh spring or summer garden; notes of fresh spices and pepper Taste: Summer ripe watermelon with distinct spiced flavors Finish:Hints of peppery spice and juicy fruits Strain: Pink Jesus Type of Strain: Sativa Leaning Hybrid with CBD, CBC, THCa, CBG, Proprietary Blend of Two Key Cannabis Terpenes for both flavor enrichment and euphoric enhancement. Strain Description: A complex strain with key lineage drawn from Pink 2.0, Starfighter, and Heirloom OG, Pink Jesus is a Sonoma Hills Farm favorite that blends notes of lavender and juicy fruits in flavor with an effect built around a fully enveloping body high paired with a lifted cerebral experience. Strain Source: Sonoma Hills Farms, Sonoma County in California’s Emerald Triangle Grow Method: Sun+Earth and OCAL-certified regenerative farm outdoor sun-grown Ingredients: Sparkling Filtered Water, Agave Nectar, Natural Watermelon,Natural Peppercorn, Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsion, and Other Natural Flavors Helps with: Anxiety, Appetite Stimulation, Athletic Recovery, Creativity, Energy, Hangover, Headache, Inflammation, Mood, Pain, Sleep, Socializing, Stress

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