Strawberry Provencal + Lemongrass | 11oz Drink | CBD + THC | MAISON BLOOM


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This strain specific, whole plant, single barrel creation is a symphony of juicy summer strawberry mingled with bright Thai Lemongrass and creamy citrus to transport you to an idyllic summer afternoon cruising with the top down along the Pacific Coast Highway. Blended with a sessionable dose of Sonoma Hills Farm’s signature Sun+Earth grown craft cannabis Sunset Sherbet strain and enhanced by proprietary blends of cannabis terpenes to elevate both flavor and effect delivering a full body and mind euphoria. Best served chilled or on the rocks with a twist of your favorite citrus. Garnish with a strawberry to enhance the natural berry and fruit notes.

Citrus, Fruity wild strawberries, wild berries, honey

7mg of CBD, 3mg of THC, 3 mg Proprietary Blend of Cannabis Terpenes per bottle.

Sparkling Filtered Water, Agave Nectar, Natural Strawberry, Natural Lemongrass, Cannabis Extract Nanoemulsion, and other natural flavors

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