Saucey Cake 19.20% 4G 4 Pack Indoor Prerolls by Saucey



· California Organic Farming

· Cannasseur Quality

· 100% Natural Flower

Saucey Cake from Saucey Farms is an Sativa-dominant hybrid that was originally bred in Southern California by crossing the delightful Girl Scout Cookies strain with the sweet Cherry Pie strain. The resulting hybrid is well-balanced with the enticing taste of sugar cookies and a slight hint of grapes.

Your first impression of the scent might be one of earthiness, but the aroma will soon become sweet and enticing. Saucey Cake’s high takes effect quickly, bringing with it an elevated mood and a sense of euphoria. You might feel a sense of depersonalization, as though you weren’t actually participating but rather viewing events as a spectator.

When used medicinally, Saucey Cake has powerful pain-relieving qualities that make it ideal for people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other musculoskeletal issues. It can also be effective for treating some neurological conditions, such as ALS, and people with anxiety or depression.

Saucey Cake is a powerful hybrid that might not be appropriate for novice users or those with a low weed tolerance.


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