Rose Hibiscus 101mg 501 OG Rosin by Rose Delight



Unlike smokables, edibles are not only non-carcinogenic, but are also much less wasteful, and much more economical.

For example, 1g of smokable flower (approximately 200mg of cannabinoids) is enough product to roll two joints, one blunt, or pack 3-4 bowls, while 200mg of cannabinoids in edible language translates to two whole boxes of delights, i.e. anywhere between 20 and 40 sessions depending on your tolerance. For those of you who have a micro-dose tolerance of 2.5mg, this amount will span to up to 80 sessions! At $30 retail, this equates to $0.75 per high. Additionally, edibles are digested in the stomach (versus inhaled via the lungs), creating the ability for a much longer high.
Above all, we chose to merge flower with the agricultural and culinary worlds because of our desire to sink deeper into the integrative and creative culture of conscious food systems. What happens when you incorporate the best flower with the most interesting, seasonal food is where we are for[a]ging a new conversation in the ever-expanding and transforming cannabis market.


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