Red Congolese Cookie 1G Crumble by Oakland Extracts



The legendary African sativa with that sweet, musky aroma that turns heads. A rare pure sativa that wakes you right up without producing intense anxiety. A sense of gentle wellbeing coasts behind the initial sativa charge. But it’s that unique musky smell with a touch of grapefruit, that makes the Congo unforgettable

Better than your mother’s cookies. Using dry, cured cannabis, the Oakland Extract’s team extracts and hand forms the terpene and cannabinoid rich wax into their famous crumbly cookies.

Jetty takes the craft approach to concentrates with small batches made from premium fresh frozen cannabis. We aim for big flavor and broad terpene profiles, and never start out with a set menu. That means a variety of concentrate types like badder, sauce, sugar or diamonds, and quantities that may be limited.


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