Nternal Suppository 5 Pack



Medical marijuana suppositories are good for people who are either experiencing severe nausea — such as chemotherapy patients — and have a hard time ingesting pills or edibles, or children who can’t smoke pot. There are many patients coming off a surgery that can’t immediately ingest anything, and others experiencing excruciating pain who don’t want to wait for an edible or a smoked joint or bong hit to take effect. While research into the effectiveness of marijuana suppositories is still fairly limited, early results indicate suppositories are a much more efficient method of introducing medicine into the body than smoking or edibles. Efficient, in this instance, means the percentage of the medicine that is absorbed by the body. Inhalation of pot smoke is anywhere from 10-25 percent efficient, while edibles are only about 20 percent efficient on average. Suppositories, on the other hand, have an efficiency of as much as 70 percent. Plus, the effects are much more predictable.


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