Lemon Gummiez Cookie 1G Crumble by Oakland Extracts



A delightful cross of Lemon Tree and Gummiez (Pink Ringz x Jetlato). Starts off with a super sweet lemon pucker that finishes with a candy back end that fades into gas. Truly a unique flavor profile. Excellent fog cutter sativa that starts the day with a bang, but also great for an afternoon pick me up.

Better than your mother’s cookies. Using dry, cured cannabis, the Oakland Extract’s team extracts and hand forms the terpene and cannabinoid rich wax into their famous crumbly cookies.

Oakland Extracts concentrates start with single source cannabis from small, local farms and a proprietary technique that allows for maximum terpene retention. No added terps, THC or any other flavorings. It’s all about natural flavor and high potency.


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