High Dose Cannabis Infused Coffee by Somatik 69.28mg THC



Meet the award-winning High Dose Cold Brew Coffee that you can share with your low-dose friends.

Somatik developed infused cold brew coffee for people who needed a little THC and caffeine to carry them through a stress-free day. But what about those in need of a higher dose of stress-relief and energy?

You asked and we delivered. Meet the award winning HIGH Dose Cold Brew. Each bottle contains the same great Ritual Coffee beans, and an all new adaptogenic mix of Cacao Nibs and Dandelion Root.

The addition of dandelion and cacao gives the coffee a bolder taste and a bolder effect. Known for their digestive, mood boosting and antioxidant qualities, we’ve packed a medicinal dose into this brew to bring you something truly unique.

Sharing your magic elixir with your low-dose friends? There’s 10mg of THC in every ounce of coffee, so you can share the good vibes by the ounce.


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