Heatwave 0.5G Sugar by Oakland Extracts



A potent cross of Jet Fuel OG and Gelato 33. The gassy, piney notes of the OG are mellowed by that sweet Gelato punch at the end. While the Jet Fuel will get you going in a rush, the Gelato back-end eases you back down to earth. A great afternoon pick me up that won’t have you climbing the walls but is strong enough to erase a tough day.

Allowing the terpenes and THCa to work their magic, this concentrate results in a sugar-like consistency. What remains are sparkling granules coated in a terpy sauce.

Oakland Extracts concentrates start with single source cannabis from small, local farms and a proprietary technique that allows for maximum terpene retention. No added terps, THC or any other flavorings. It’s all about natural flavor and high potency.


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