Heads Up Pro Tree | Indoor Indica Hybrid | 25% THC | 3.5 Grams | LYFTED

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Strain: Heads Up Pro Tree (Motorbreath 15 X Bacio 41) / Indoor / Description: Lyfted Farms, renowned in the industry for its masterful cultivation techniques and unique and powerful strains of exotic cannabis flower, will tease two new very potent strains to 10,000 existing and potential consumers at the Barona Raceway near San Diego tomorrow, Saturday, March 27th. VICE TV celebrities “Donkmaster” Sage Thomas and “Country C” will be championing and promoting the launch directly to the audience at the Raceway, and limited ‘first taste’ products will be available for sale on-site through a licensed delivery service. The new THC-dominant strains, Carolina Cantaloupe, and Heads Up Pro-Tree, with 31% and 25% THC respectively, will rank among some of the most potent THC strains to come onto the market in 2021. The strains are proprietary to Lyfted Farms and have never before been sampled by consumers. “This kind of direct-to-consumer loyalty and relationship-building is the central theme of our marketing and how we differentia

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