Gelato 73.601% Cured Resin Budder by Beezle



(Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint GSC) A complex aroma colors Gelato with notes of spice, sweet- berry and citrus.This strain is known to relieve tension, stress and sour moods. As an alternative to live resins, we also offer a full line of cured resin products. As newly-harvested plant material is dried and cured, the terpene content changes chemically and physically as the more volatile compounds evaporate off. This mellowing process is similar to letting a wine or whiskey age, bringing out a softer character that can at times be more interesting. Cured resin products also tend to test higher for cannabinoid content, as live resin has a higher percentage of other compounds including terpenes in its mix — so those looking for an extra kick of potency may find that they prefer cured products.


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