Docs OG – 1g 54.87% THC – Rosin by Honey Butter



HoneyButter Rosin Co is a family owned business located in Mendocino County. They produce ice water extracted bubble hash and then press it into a creamy, buttery rosin that hits smooth and delivers a flavor explosion. We believe the smoking experience is the true test of a craft producer and Honey Butter delivers the experience that we are always searching for and striving to provide in our flowers. All that in a solventless, clean, pure hash rosin is what it’s all about.

Doc’s OG is a cross of the famously potent Face Off OG and their very own Rare Dankness #1. With OG genetics shining through, consumers can expect a piney fuel-flavored strain with dense trichome-drenched buds that blanket the room with its diesel scent. Doc’s OG produces a high that goes straight to the head then leaves you in a state of full-body relaxation.


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