Banana Dawg 25.66% 7 Pack Prerolls 3.5G by Autumn Brands



A spicy/earthy/gassy cross between Banana Kush and Chemdawg that finishes slightly sweet. Lime green with beautiful structure and a heavy helping of trichomes. prerolls made from premium full flower. Autumn Brands is a family/50% women-owned company. We grow pesticide-free plants on our farm in coastal Santa Barbara County. All of our flowers are hang dried and hand-trimmed with a 10-day minimum cure before packaging. We Produce all our prerolls and hand fill all our jars on-site to ensure the highest quality, plus they come with a humidity pack to keep it that way. What that means for you is consistency and quality you can trust every time because we don't rely on sourcing from other farms. We’re on a continual harvest schedule meaning we produce products all year round, so buy with confidence knowing that Autumn Brands is as fresh as they get. We also believe in leaving the planet a better place so we're indoor sun-grown(greenhouse), we recycle our water and plant stalks and don't spray any pesticides or fungicides. We strive to use sustainable/recycled packaging and encourage you to reuse them. From our family to yours we thank you for the support!


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