Active Recovery 25mg 1:1 by Manzanita Naturals



When it’s time for some quality rest & relaxation, there’s no better companion than Active Recovery. Carefully formulated to help your mind and body recover after strenuous activity, Active Recovery features strain-specific Maui Wowie THC and CBD and traditional healing ingredients such as prickly pear, monk fruit, and milk thistle. These ingredients are further enhanced by a healthy infusion of vitamins and electrolytes, giving you everything you need to recharge back to 100%. ​ On top of that, Active Recovery also features a delicious fruit punch flavor that rejuvenates your taste buds while it restores your body. So whether you’ve had a heavy workout, a hard day at work, or just woke up after a long night out, Active Recovery is the best way to get back on your feet again. ​ Contains: CO2-extracted cannabis oil infused in filtered water with black cherry juice, pineapple juice, agave nectar, natural flavors, prickly pear extract, monk fruit extract, milk thistle extract, Himalayan salt (electrolytes), citric acid.


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