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- Allen Hoffman is an inventor and creator. Where he sees a problem, he invents a solution.  He is also a born entrepreneur. His senior year of college, he wasn't happy with his dry herb vaporizer, so he developed a novel heating element design and brought that design insight to DaVinci, leading to the development of the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer. Allen was the Director of Product Development at Airo Brands for four years and is currently the Director of Research and Development there. Most ... [Read More]

Cannabis Plant Wellness Eos Farms Health Research
- As rapidly as we've watched cannabis legalization unfold, the health and wellness industry has dramatically transformed its focus around the plant. From hemp-derived CBD to help with sleep disorders, or THC-isolated products promoting higher energy, the market is full of innovative products claiming to promote natural wellness. Yet despite the long history between cannabis and humans, we're only scratching the surface of the health and wellness benefits the plant provides – especially as ... [Read More]

Time Cannabis Smoke Mary Jane Plant Weed
- Certain skills can only be mastered through practice. Learning to roll a joint is one such skill.  The first time I tried, in my early forties, I had no idea what I was doing. I was in Amsterdam with my spouse. At my insistence, we stopped in at The Bulldog, the city's oldest coffeeshop . It was completely out of character for me at the time.  My only other exposure to cannabis was when a relative offered me a joint in my mid-twenties. Not wanting to look like a square, I accepted, ... [Read More]

Marco Soil Methods Cannabis Food Plants
- On a beautiful day in March, twenty-three of us sat in Old Town Petersburg, Virginia, listening to Marco Thomas teach the principles and practices of natural farming.  The spot was Marco's urban farm beside the Appomattox River. His wife Nikki has an adjoining salon business. We were a diverse group in every way. There were experienced and new growers, young and old, folks from down the block and from afar. We were all drawn to this spot by Marco's mastery of ways to produce your own food ... [Read More]

Cookies Grams Sugar Cup Chocolate Minutes
- Hi y'all & Happy Valentine's Day! One of my favorite ways to show the people in my life love is by making delicious infused recipes for them to enjoy. Cannabis-infused heart-shaped desserts are the perfect way to show love any time of the year. To make these recipes, all you need are common kitchen tools and silicone heart molds . I picked mine up from my local Dollar Tree but you can find them at Walmart, Amazon, or at Micheal's too. My molds have 6 hearts, but yours may have more depending on ... [Read More]

New York Cannabis State Rabbit Hole Western New York
- Hey there, Fat Nugs readers!  My name's Riana and I want to take you down the rabbit hole that is the brand-new New York cannabis scene. I started consuming and selling weed at the ripe age of 13. Yep, you read that right, 13. I have sold cannabis across this great state and even in some others. I found that cannabis truly took care of the anxiety and sleep issues that come along with having childhood post-traumatic stress disorder. It made me feel better, normal, if you will.   ... [Read More]

Gummies Flora Bast Sex Flora Bast Ingredients
- Valentine's Day is nearing closer, and some of you are still scratching your head wondering what the hell to get your boo. Look no further! Leave the kids with a sitter, because FLORA+BAST will give you the feels you didn't know you could feel. I was so excited to try FLORA + BAST SEX gummies . My husband and I have been like ships passing in the night lately, and we really needed a chance to explore the journey of our life together. I was glad to be able to share an experience with him to ... [Read More]

Humboldt County Cannabis Cultivation Permit Farmers Mark Thurmond
- For as long as anyone can remember, the people of Southern and Northern Humboldt County have collaborated on issues that arise within their tight-knit community.  "When the County first came up with the rules for cultivation in our area, stakeholders met for countless hours through public meetings to make sure everyone got to have a say in what was passed," said Dylan of Mattole Valley Sungrown Farms. "As farmers, we wanted our neighbors to accept us, and we argued for regulations to allow ... [Read More]

Cannabis Kendama Moderation Skill Use Ken
- There's an aspect of balance across all areas of life from work to health, personal to public, and everything in between.  I've been working to balance my cannabis use and moderate consumption. It's not that cannabis use is a bad thing at all; I thoroughly enjoy the plant and all she has to offer, but if I allow myself to do so unregulated, I can and will consume it all day, every day. I have to work on my sense of control with cannabis use regularly.  The goal here, at least from my ... [Read More]

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- My name is Adam Beltran and at the age of 30, I had an intracerebral hemorrhage due to an arteriovenous malformation.  To put it simply, I experienced a stroke.  It is common to overlook the importance of how profoundly a negative experience can impact us. With a long road ahead filled with challenge and struggle, I never would have thought cannabis was my future.  The residuals of the stroke and my involvement in the cannabis industry both came around the same time. While ... [Read More]

Tea Deep Creek Event Hash Nick Tanem Nasha Humboldt
- Nick Tanem , world-renowned solventless instructor and educator, first came up with the idea for High Tea at last year's Ego Clash event.  "I was DJing and toward the end of the set, my friend Erick (of Deep Creek Collective) brought out his Gong Fu Cha tea set and started serving tea as I was playing music. It was a vibe!" Nick said. "One of the first things I noticed was the deep earthy flavors of the aged Puerh tea and how they paired perfectly with the gas and petrichor-tasting hash ... [Read More]

Place Ego People Clash Ego Clash 1st Place
- Recently, I visited Northern California for an event, not far from where the next Ego Clash was being held. I had heard of this invite-only event judged by peers to see who has the best hash in the game, where people come from all around to compete, and the competition is fierce!  Ego Clash was being held in Hopland, California, about 2 hours from where I was staying. As I was walking to another event, someone mentioned that they were letting women into Ego Clash for free, so I decided I ... [Read More]

St Vincent Cannabis Cannasvg Cup Nigel St Vincent's
- I recently traveled to the Caribbean to attend the first Grower's Cup in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Cup is hosted by CannaSVG and AHOCS (Alternative Holistic and Organic Co-Op Society). AHOCS are Island residents who have formed a group to help reduce the stigma and push the conversation forward.   About the Grower's Cup   I had the pleasure to visit, and be hosted by, Renae and Nigel Blackhall from Canada who have made St. Vincent their home. Renae and Nigel run a farm ... [Read More]

Cannabis Jeff Rawson Institute Info People Industry
- It was my pleasure to sit down and talk with the Founder of the Institute of Cannabis Science Jeff Rawson . I'm a bit of a science junky myself so I was thrilled to hear Jeff's thoughts on where the industry is headed & what he's doing to help it get there. Besides being so clearly passionate about cannabis he is such a bright and welcoming soul. I left our conversation so eager to see where the institute is in a couple of years. With someone like Jeff behind it the changes this industry needs ... [Read More]

Iven Dry Herb Vaporizer Smoke Iven Vaporizer Vaporizer Vape E1011
- A Product Review by Isabella DeChard I rang in my 2024 year in probably the most peaceful, relaxing way possible – with a fire and campsite set up on a small private island off the Tampa Bay shore, bundled under layers in the frigid evening weather, with the Iven dry herb vaporizer from E1011 Labs in hand. Does it get much better than that?  Sure, you can't quite beat smoking a joint on a private island to yourself. However, when the winds are high and the temperature is low, you ... [Read More]