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Flower Coral Week Cove Resort Pre Rolls
- I landed in Jamaica early in the morning; the airport was still opening up. A few folks were walking with me through long hallways leading to customs past Jamaican advertisements and Bob Marley quotes to the arrivals lobby where resort drivers were waiting for tourists and taxi drivers gathered en masse.  A True Jamaican Welcome to Coral Cove   It may have been the morning in Jamaica, but I had been up for a long time traveling from Las Vegas. I stopped right outside the door for my ... [Read More]

Cannabis Industry Community Business Entrepreneurs Plant
- According to Gnosticism, the ego is the divine spark within. But it's challenging to recognize your worth when the impact of cannabis' projected $53.5 billion industry isn't seen in your community.  My experience at the 2024 BCB Mastermind Northeast Cohort in Boston transformed my entrepreneurial journey, revealing that my struggles were mental and spiritual. My mind shifted from thinking about the mere financial benefits to the holistic growth of our cannabis community, forcing me to ... [Read More]

New York New York's Buffalo Cannabis Doors Downtown
- Hey there, Fat Nugs Readers! Riana here, ready to dive down the New York Dispensary rabbit hole. I must be honest; I have struggled with how to write about the dispensaries in NY because I've fallen in love with all the humans owning and operating them.  This journey is pure love, and I hope to show these dispensaries and humans the respect they deserve. The company I work for is exploding with growth, and they've hired a new rep for Western NY. It only feels right to start in Buffalo and ... [Read More]

Yoga Body Things Time Lives Wellness
- Listening to the ocean waves crash all around me, as I move in and out of various yoga poses, I am guided by the lovely Irijah Stennett, Wellness Director at Coral Cove Wellness Resort .  I had just finished smoking half a joint of some delicious sun-grown Purple Kush, sold to me from the on-site dispensary at the resort. I find myself able to focus on my breath much easier than I have in past yoga classes. Everything she says as I close my eyes and go with the flow resonates with me ... [Read More]

Gummies Lavinia Body Sex Night Experience
- Plant-powered sex is just better - there, I said it.  Summer of 2023 I became single for the first time in 5 years. One of my objectives in 2024 is to meet myself again both in and out of the bedroom. Long gone are the days of backseat tangos, and sneaking out to find a spot in the woods. That doesn't jive well with parenthood, especially when you're a single parent.  Needless to say, my sexplorations look a little different than before and I was beyond ready to take things to the ... [Read More]

Cannabis Sunstone Winery Sunstone Linda Rice Santa Barbara County Wine
- hear the sound of gravel crunching under the tires, I smell clean earth and verdant springtime. I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and skin, accompanied by a chill breeze. I taste earth and berries, vanilla, and espresso in the Eros Red Wine Blend. I feel incredibly content, grateful to be enjoying the California sunshine, the sights and sounds and scents of Sunstone. I am Sunstoned.  Sunstone Winery: A Welcome Retreat into Nature   Driving up the gravel path to Sunstone Winery , ... [Read More]

Cannabis Pr Industry Career Michael Mejer Space
- If you would've asked 17-year-old me if I'd have a career in cannabis, I probably would have laughed in your face. At the time, it didn't seem possible to have a meaningful cannabis career that was legal . But boy, am I glad that times have changed, and I found my place in the industry. If you're looking to learn more about how to kick-start your career in cannabis, my story might help you get your footing.  How I Became Interested in a Career in Cannabis I first got interested in the ... [Read More]

Life Cannabis Health Day Motherhood Diabetes
- On December 8th, 2023, my son almost quit breathing. My baby boy nearly died that night. I was just minutes away from experiencing what is every parent's worst nightmare. There has never been a more traumatizing event for me in this life, nor will there ever be. Six days later, after we were released from Children's Hospital with a diagnosis and brand-new education on all things asthma, the very first stop I made upon arriving home was at my local medical marijuana dispensary. What a bad ... [Read More]

Cannabis Grief Pain Relief Emotions Support
- Grief is a profound emotion that touches everyone at some point in their lives. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a pet, or even a significant life change, navigating the complex waves of grief can be challenging.  I think most people I know have been navigating some form of grief recently. I recently lost my grandmother's physical manifestation on Earth. I'm so grateful she lived to almost 100 and she's been a strong and present force in my life as long as I've been alive. I'm still ... [Read More]

Event Cannacon Cannacon South Cannabis Events Experience
- Event season is here again, and I had the pleasure of attending CannaCon OKC 2024. It was fulfilling, but we'll get to that. The magic for me started before the event when I had the chance to talk with Angela Grelle. If you haven't seen her interview, please check it out . It's safe to say I was giddy to dive in by the time I got there with my little ones.  A little background for those who don't know. CannaCon is the love child of Bob Smarts' two passions: cannabis and trade shows merging ... [Read More]

Day Mushrooms Mushroom Group Monster Experience
- Coral Cove Wellness Resort takes recreation and relaxation seriously.  There is no shortage of activities across its coastal property and beyond. This is supplemented heavily by the Jamaican sunshine, food, cannabis, and a mushroom or two (or ten) from the psilocybe cubensis family.  Choose Your Own Mushroom Adventure   The choose-your-own-adventure vibes were real as the group explored the property and lounged in the pool all week. There were quite a few mushroom varieties ... [Read More]

Thcv Bay State Nathan Ban Hemp Thc
- On Monday, May 6, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR, as it's called in-state) issued a cease-and-desist order to Bay State Extracts demanding the company destroy and cease all production of THCv. The days since have left hemp and cannabis businesses in the state confused and uncertain.  "This was a huge surprise," said Samantha Seagaard, CEO of the Fresh Connection. "I did not see this coming." Jason Reposa, CEO of Good Feels, agrees. "I did not have this in the ... [Read More]

Pre Rolls Cannabis State Products Papers Rules
- Up until this spring, medical cannabis consumers in the Aloha State have not been able to enjoy a customer favorite that has come to help define the cannabis industry: pre-rolled joints.  But in April 2024, the state of Hawai'i began allowing pre-rolls as part of its medical marijuana program. The popular products have begun showing up in dispensaries all across the state as manufacturers are lining up to claim their share of the fastest-growing segment of the cannabis market, and the No. ... [Read More]

Wellness Coral Cove Stoner Paradise Coral Cove Soul
- Written By Casey Renteria & Dustin Hoxworth Close your eyes and imagine feeling the warm sand between your toes. The sounds of the ocean rumbling and crashing a few feet behind you. You take a deep slow inhale and exhale all of your worries into a cloud of smoke. The day-to-day grind fades into nothing more than a distant whisper. Before you know it your soul is twirling and dancing amongst the trees. You have made it home to Coral Cove Wellness Resort . Jamaica: The Ultimate Cannabis ... [Read More]

Cannabis Cancer Hellip Women Sophie Awards
- Empowerment was definitely the operative word when it came to the 2nd Annual Women's Canna Awards . The energy in the air when you gather a group of strong women together is undeniable. And acting as the Red Carpet Coordinator, I was lucky enough to be in the thick of it.  The Lineup   This year's event was held on March 30th, at the beautiful EK Art Gallery in Los Angeles, California. The Cannabis industry dressed to the nines for the special evening. Sparkling gowns, cannabis smoke, ... [Read More]