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Edibles Sleep Hour Love Sugar 128154
- I have always reserved edibles for pain management. Well, I used to until recently; Having food allergies makes finding edibles I can eat almost impossible. This is why I was thrilled when I found Love You Three – discovering it was women-owned and operated was a bonus! After learning more about the brand, I was curious to see if these edibles would do more for me than just manage my pain. Love You Three's focus is self-care. The company was founded based on a desire to relieve stress in ... [Read More]

Thc Dog Cannabis Aspen Dr Rodgers Receptor
- " You're gonna put cannabis in dog treats? How on earth is that going to work? " Dr. Rodgers asked me.  I ran my finger across the pulsing Cephalic vein of the dog sitting in front of me. Preparing to draw blood on our patient as the vet studied the radiographs behind me.  " Yeah, I mean obviously it won't be high in THC, but I know there has to be medicinal properties for dogs as well. " I retorted as I pulled back on the plunger and the 3ml syringe began to fill with blood. I never ... [Read More]

Cannabis Cure Weed Plant Cool Cure Years
- For years, the west coast has been the domestic mecca of cannabis, a shining paradise of legalization in a sea of prohibition. But it's not 2012 anymore – over half of Americans now live where cannabis is legal, and the biggest wave of legalization reform has been on the East coast in recent years.  Things have changed quickly – the New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont adult-use markets have all come online in the past 12 months. In fact, there's only one state left ... [Read More]

Cannabis Women Woman Chemchix Music Process
- To be a woman in cannabis is to be a "Chemchix'' and the CEO of Chemchix is leaning into that pleasure; the pleasure that is acknowledging all the incredible women making the culture what it is, the pleasure of finding and stepping into our power. Deeply dedicated to creating a space where women of all backgrounds can not only be tolerated, but rather celebrated, for their unique contributions; her social media presence revolves around giving a platform to these women in cannabis, while her ... [Read More]

Cannabis Women Industry Challenges Grit Opportunities
- Nowadays after being in the cannabis sector a few years, I love walking into a networking event or conference and being greeted with excitement by my fellow women in the industry! Every single time I think to myself; "I am so grateful for connecting with some of the most amazing women I have ever met in my professional career!"  Many of us have dissimilar backgrounds, but all possess one thing in common….GRIT!   Women who demonstrate passion and perseverance towards their ... [Read More]

Raphael Mechoulam Cannabis Research Mechoulam Professor Tel Aviv
- "Raphael Mechoulam just emailed and called us." I'll never forget the warm, sunny day in Santa Barbara in August of 2018, or the excitement that came across the face of the founder of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine when I told him the news. Little did I realize the depths of the discoveries of the pioneer who reached out to thank us for the newsletter I had written for the Academy. Working for Dr. David Bearman, who founded the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, was a ... [Read More]

Cannabis Time Birth Day Weeks Kind
- If you have ever had a c-section you already know coughing, sneezing, laughing, really everything can make you feel like you're just going to collapse into a puddle. It's not a great feeling at all, and not one I'd want to mix with a high.  For the first few weeks, I avoided smoking because I was literally afraid to cough. Immediately after being moved from the observation room to my recovery room, I got motion sick (which I knew would happen). There is no feeling that compares to your ... [Read More]

Cannabis Montana Montana's Nugs Marijuana Tour
- This article was originally published in Honeysuckle Mag on March 1st, 2023 in collaboration with FNM. In 2020, I read the book Pot Doc, A Physician's Search for the Holy Grail of Medical Marijuana ; by Michael Geci, MD about his journey into the Montana medical cannabis industry. It was my first time learning about Montana's cannabis culture, the people who were fighting for legalization, the journey to get there, and how the state's medical program was almost wiped away. Montana's cannabis ... [Read More]

Cannabis Psychedelics Expo Hall Convention Industry Stage
- Earlier in February, the 2nd annual Cannadelic Conference took place in Miami. Last year, it became the first-ever hybrid cannabis and psychedelic conference and expo. Not only was this year my first Cannadelic, but my first time (openly) experiencing, honoring, and celebrating the value and importance of both cannabis and psychedelics in a professional setting. It was a welcoming, friendly space that was inviting for all to learn, educate, advocate, and connect for the weekend.  With ... [Read More]

Diana Zmayor Time Voice Rolfing Jonothon I Wild
- Disclaimer: This story is told from the point of view of Jonothon I. Wild, who commonly refers to the main character "ZMayor" as many names according to how he feels, relates, observes or even responds to a situation or event. They should be interpreted in a commentary manner. These are usually written " scriptio continua" style, with capital letters used to separate the words within. For example, ZMayor is referred to as "HisBoulevardness" because that's where his situation unfolds and ... [Read More]

Manila Hemp Monkey Island Papers Hemp Paper Product
- As the industry learns of the bad corporate behavior coming from prominent suppliers of rolling papers (and other smoking accessories) one might wonder: "I know the product I have is safe, I have a lab report for that, but what about the paper I'm about to roll it up with?" Hello, we're Shannon and Austin. We're cannabis consumers and operations managers at the dispensary known as Monkey Island Dispensary. Located on Monkey Island, in Northeast Oklahoma. As we mentioned before, our wondering ... [Read More]

Papers Hemp Paper Orange Papers Years Zag Zig
- The news of RAW's recent court case left us all feeling a bit bamboozled. In case you missed it, as of January 31st, 2023, a jury verdict found Raw Organic Hemp to be participating in unfair business practices, essentially pointing to a web of lies covering everything from their nonexistent charity, The RAW Foundation, how and where their papers are manufactured, as well as a slew of other claims that they are now forbidden to state publicly or in any of their marketing. Since we prefer to ... [Read More]

Butter Pie Brewer Time Hours Minutes
- Date of Review: January 24, 2023 Packaging: Secure and nicely presented as if I've opened a new kitchen appliance. Size: The size is pretty significant, and a con for me. My kitchen is small with limited counter space, cabinet space, and no pantry or storage areas.  When not in use, BB would have to be stored away in its original packaging. Those with larger kitchens and or a commercial store location may not have an issue here though. Accessories: Curved spatula, spinner, removable ... [Read More]

Berry School Students Cat Berries Kind
- Introduction by Lindsey Gunter The piece you are about to read originates from a small group of rebellious teenagers in 1972 while attending the American school in Sao Paulo, Brazil called "Graded" or "Escola Graduada." These kids had a small, independent publication small enough to be slid into the lockers of their peers called "Ergo," in which they voiced frustrations with the school administration in all manners fantastical and allegorical. The creator of this paper was a young William ... [Read More]

Cannabis Romance Date Content Relationship Maha
- Cannabis brings on euphoria. This is a pretty well-known fact amongst cannabis lovers. Being an adult cannabis consumer can add a hint of flare when you enter the world of dating and coming together as partners in a relationship. On the other hand, sometimes dating as a cannabis consumer can be a bummer. Sometimes non-consumers might not understand the plant. Maybe they don't enjoy smoking at all. Others may worry about judgment from others when playing the dating field as a stoner. Maria Testa ... [Read More]