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Doja pak cannabis

The Alpaca Club is picking Up Doja Exclusive Flavors by Doja Pak.
We are super stoked to be able to share this brand with every alpaca. We picked up a limited small amount just to feature on the menu!
Doja Pak is Legendary weed that started in Sacramento and is still grown in Sacramento, known globally!

Alpaca one smoked the strain “Hindenberg” and knew this was some of the most fire grown in Sacramento.
Its all in the details.
Thier bags are “Terp-loc”, a specialty cannabis terp preserving bag.
From the flavors to the Smoke, Doja Pak is some of the best weed we have found to put onto our delivery in Sacramento. The people behind the brand are Awesome caretakers of the plant and the culture.

This round we picked up three Strains: The Hindenburg, Sherb X Lemon Cherry Gelato and the Scratch and Sniff

The Hindenburg –
Bixcotti x Helium (Zkittles by OG Eddy), “Hindenburg”
The label boasts 30% THC content with incredibly pungent, dense, tightly trimmed deep green and purple nugs.

Sherb X Lemon Cherry Gelato
This is a dope twist on this years Favorite Strain .
Sherb x Cherry Gelato is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Sunset Sherbet X Girl Scout Cookies X another unknown strain. The perfect tasty bud for any relaxed night spent at home, it brings on an amazing flavor and effects that will leave you in pure bliss. This bud has a taste much like sour lemons plus rich cherries and berries! The aroma is just as delightful, with a sour citrusy overtone accented by fresh berries and raspberries and just a hint of earthy pine.

Scratch and Sniff
Scratch and sniff” the 1st Permanent Marker cross! From @doja.pak (G41 animal mints X permanent marker ) this fresh batch is the newest drop!

Here is the release of the strain drop of Scratch and Sniff

– Mat
An Alpaca
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