Let’s talk Sluggers

When it comes to companies who are doing it right, there’s one name that resonates for its commitment to creating an enduring legacy: Sluggers. Founded in 2021, Sluggers emerged with a vision to craft a brand that transcends time. Smoking a Sluggers product isn’t just about the moment; it’s a nostalgic journey. The ethos of Sluggers revolves around experience, a brand that proudly stands as “single source.”

But what exactly does “single source” mean in the realm of Sluggers? It’s simple yet profound—it signifies that every Sluggers product originates from a singular source. Their cannabis is cultivated, nurtured, and meticulously extracted entirely in-house by their dedicated team, adhering to their unwavering quality standards and operational efficiencies.

For many cannabis enthusiasts, this might seem like the norm. Doesn’t every brand create their own products? Surprisingly, the reality is different. Many companies in the industry outsource various parts of their production. This implies that the cannabis you buy from a brand could be a collaborative effort involving multiple entities specializing in different aspects—be it cultivation, extraction, or branding.

So, what defines a Sluggers product? It’s a joint, vape, or blunt that consistently delivers power, quality, and unwavering consistency. With an ethos grounded in the belief that if you grow it well, enthusiasts will undoubtedly come flocking.

Sluggers has forged elite partnerships with industry-leading brands such as Cookies, Gas House, and BackpackBoyz, earning recognition for their potent products and exceptional collaborations.

At Alpaca Club, a diverse array of Sluggers products awaits, ranging from Disposable Vapes to infused pre-roll packs, singles, and hefty 2-gram blunts.

Their 1-gram Disposable Vapes redefine vaping pleasure, offering an experience akin to a dab hit—essential for vape enthusiasts seeking an exceptional high.

The 1.5-gram Infused Pre-rolls boast premium, single-source inputs—whole ground flower infused with solventless hash and diamonds, finished with a glass tip and mesh filter.

For those seeking a bolder experience, the 2-gram Infused Blunts are crafted with the same premium ingredients, rolled in a hemp wrap with a glass corn husk filter, ensuring a rich and flavorful smoke.

The 3.5-gram Pre-roll Packs offer a lavish experience, filled with premium single-source inputs, infused with solventless hash, diamonds, and coated in kief for an elevated high.

Dive into the captivating strains from Sluggers, like:

Apples & Bananas – A blend of Blue Power and Gelatti, offering a unique and delightful flavor profile that’s a testament to its Hall of Fame lineage. A must-try for any cannabis aficionado.

Rose – A fusion of Lemon Cherry Gelato and Pina Acai, delivering a creamy apple cake flavor with floral undertones, offering a sensory delight with each smoke.

Jobstopper – An exceptional backcross of Gelato 33, infused with hints of whipped cream and petrol oil, providing a smooth and balanced Gelato experience that’s perfect for unwinding.

Sluggers isn’t just about smoking; it’s an experience—a journey into the world of premium cannabis that combines quality, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia. Join us at Alpaca Club and immerse yourself in the exceptional offerings from Sluggers! 


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