Flavorade: A Premium Vape Experience Born in California

California has long been a hub for cannabis innovation, and in 2023, Long Beach witnessed the inception of a groundbreaking vape brand named Flavorade. Founded by Nick Coburn, the extraction visionary behind the world-renowened Coldfire brand, Flavorade promises a vaping experience like no other.

Nick Coburn: A Trailblazer in High End Extraction based Vapes:
Nick Coburn, the mastermind behind Flavorade, is no stranger to revolutionizing the vape industry. As the founder of Coldfire, his expertise and commitment to excellence have set the stage for Flavorade’s emergence.

The Art of Extraction:
Flavorade stands out by adopting the same meticulous approach as Coldfire in its production process. A single-butane extraction at a chilling -100 degrees preserves nearly all the terpenes from the natural plant, ensuring an authentic and robust flavor profile, nearly identical to the growing plant

Homogenization for the Perfect Consistency:
Crafting the perfect vape consistency is an art form at Flavorade. Utilizing their frozen extract is a more difficult process than creating vapes with distillate. Flavorade’s extracted material undergoes a homogenization process to transform it into a velvety badder, ensuring each puff delivers a consistently exceptional experience.

Innovative Strains:
Flavorade doesn’t just promise quality; it boasts an array of innovative strains that cater to diverse preferences. From the creamy taste of Cookie Dough to the crystal-clear purity of Crystal Tears, the collection available at Alpaca Club also features unique strains like Gary Payton 41, Motorsherb, and OCD.

In the heart of California, Flavorade, under the guidance of Nick Coburn, is rewriting the narrative of vaping. With a commitment to excellence and an emphasis on preserving the essence of each strain, Flavorade emerges as a premium choice for those seeking a truly exceptional vape experience
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