CAKE: Pioneering the Boss Babe Era in the Cannabis Space

It’s always cool when a trailblazer comes along in the Cannabis Scene, and as a Female Owned and Operated Company, Cake is doing just that. Cake is revolutionizing the market with their impeccable devices as well as their exquisite material. As they proudly declare, “the cannabis industry is now in its boss babe era” and CAKE is at the forefront of this empowering movement.

What sets CAKE apart is not only their commitment to curating some of the finest cannabis vapes on the market but also their dedication to innovation. The company takes pride in its patented devices, which are not only compact and discreet but also exclusively designed by the visionary minds at CAKE. These devices are a testament to the company’s belief in the intersection of style, functionality, and discretion.

Designer Distillate: Is It Any Different From Every Other Vape?

With their latest batch of disposable vapes, CAKE unveiled their “designer distillate”, which is changing the game for vape connoisseurs and enthusiasts. The designer distillate differs from standard distillate by utilizing CAKE’s patent pending “Cryo-Terp” extraction process, a method in which they claim to be capturing full spectrum terpenes. Cryo-Terp extraction specifically delivers a rich and nuanced flavor experience to the consumer. The commitment to excellence extends to their disposable devices for the Designer Distillate, which employ advanced mesh heating technology. This technology not only guarantees the purest flavor but also sets CAKE apart by utilizing a top tier vape device. The Designer Distillate devices are paving the way for future hardware across the entire space, featuring a unique button to prevent clogging. This innovative addition ensures a seamless experience for users, allowing them to heat up the oil without worrying about potential clogs. CAKE’s commitment to user-friendly design reflects their understanding of the importance of a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

As a female-owned and operated company, CAKE is not just redefining the cannabis industry; they are leading the charge in the boss babe era. With their blend of style, innovation, and quality, CAKE is undoubtedly leaving an unforgettable mark on the world of cannabis vaping. Check out Alpaca Club’s Vast selection of Cake Vapes at the following link; CAKE