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The Canna butter of Heavenly Sweets is one of the few Cannabis butter on the legal Cannabis market and is a legendary story of one of my favorite brands!

Heavenly Sweet was founded in March 2008 inspired by the complete absence of quality, reliable edibles in the cannabis market. Edibles were notoriously inconsistent and of poor quality. Sheila, the Founder of Heavenly Sweets wanted to change that. Heavenly Sweet was the first edibles brand in California to begin lab testing our products (early 2010). She created a dosing schedule a decade before the state of California mandated it. They were the first to put full nutrition panels on our products so consumers could make an informed choice. The brand uses the finest quality ingredients in our products; brand name ingredients, organic ingredients, etc. Each product must pass multiple quality-control inspections before making it to a package. Products are made in small batches, hand finished, and hand packaged with care. 

Her brand was doing well and during the time around 2017 when regulators were learning how to best make the rules, Sheila was asked to help write them.

All edibles must be only 100 mg per package and this would have made butter illegal. Sheila convinced regulators that butter was a form of concentrates, which made it legal to do up to 2000 mg per case. 

She made the case that thousands of people use this to create affordable medicine that they can eat.

Ahead of state regulations, in 2017 Heavenly Sweet adopted a 10mg THC dose per serving, the same dose that California state regulators eventually recognized as the state’s dosing schedule.

Understanding Cannabis

Given her very conservative background, it took Dedenbach a bit longer to fully understand and then appreciate the cannabis plant. She wasn’t used to the haphazard way products were being marketed.

But it was the healing power of cannabis that truly set her on the right path.

“So I embarked on educating myself and understanding how the medicine works in the body,” she says. “It’s not just about medicine. And, honestly, I see cannabis as kind of equal to a beer or a glass of wine or a cocktail. At the end of the day, it’s a way of decompressing, so people who use it like daily, it’s, it’s their decompression tool. But additionally, it has all these wonderful medicinal benefits, you know, for pain relief, and antispasmodic and vascular stimulator, and all these other wonderful things that it does in the body that are just like a bonus.”

Mechanisms to provide precisely measured doses didn’t quite exist at the time.

She began researching product development. “I came at it from the confectionery side,” she says, “I had these fantastic recipes that were tried and true. Now, how do I infuse them?” What was happening at the time was people were going, “I have leftover cannabis, let me throw it into something.” So there was a lack of quality control when I was entering into the market and I had to train retailers on a new way of acquiring cannabis-infused product for their retail stores. At the time, they frequently bought product out of vendors’ backpacks.”

Dedenbach met some tenured professors that had just begun lab testing flower for potency and for clarity for fertilizers and pesticides. She tried to convince them if you can test flower—you can test the Cannabutter. “And if you can tell me exactly what’s in it, I can create a consistent product and I can label it and tell people what’s in it and create a dosing schedule.

“So that’s where we began early 2010, lab testing a product so that we were able to create a consistent, reliable product and absolutely nobody was testing. I mean, they had just begun testing flower, no one would have even thought, you know—to test edibles.”

Understanding Titration

Good edibles require a dosing schedule. Back in the day, when you encounter a new edible, to be on the safe side, you’d eat half of it, wait an hour, see how you feel, then if you don’t feel enough of the effect—eat the other half.

“We originally started at 15 milligrams a dose when the state came in at 2018, and set it at 10,” Dedenbach says. “We obviously adopted that. We were the first company to put a full nutrition panel on our products again, I wanted consumers to be able to make an educated decision when deciding what cannabis products they wanted to consume.”

Heavenly Sweet provides step-by-step instructions to determine your personal dosing schedule. Products with a variety of strengths ranging from 20mg 420 Bar line to their bestseller, the Cannabutter.

Heavenly Sweet crew began choosing certain strains because they complemented foods that are better than others. Later the company went to distillate-derived or distillate-infused Cannabutter.

It’s important to also understand how edibles are metabolized differently.

“If you overindulge in edibles, you’re more likely to hallucinate than in any other format of consuming cannabis,” Dedenbach says. “It’s because it’s it has to be absorbed into the liver through the digestive system. And then your body converts delta-9 THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is approximately four times stronger than delta-9 THC. So your body amplifies it. And then you’re in for a six to 10-hour plateau with it. So and people can overindulge in a traditional edible because it can take anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours, depending on the speed of your metabolism.

She convinced Regulators and started to create the biggest butter lineup of products and concentrates in California

This is why Butter is allowed on the Legal market.

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