We’ve got some seriously chill news to share with you all. Picture this: you’re kicking back, ready to enjoy some primo herb, and then BAM – we drop the bombshell that Alpaca Club is teaming up with Down Om Farms to bring you the most epic collab since peanut butter met jelly.

Now, let me break it down for you. Alpaca Club, that’s us, your friendly neighborhood delivery service, and Down Om Farms, the Emerald Cup winning wizards behind some of the most top-notch cannabis in the game, partnering to bring you fire Ounces of Chemdog.

So, what’s the deal with Down Om Farms? Well, for starters, they’re like the boutique of bud, one of the smallest permitted farms in the state. And you know what that means? Extra love and care for their flowers. No super corporate mass-production vibes here – just pure, personal touch.

But wait, there’s more. These aren’t just any old flowers, my friends. Oh no, they’re “Alpaca Powered Flowers.” Yup, you heard that right. Alpacas, living their best lives on the farm, lending their magic touch to the cultivation process. With their advanced composting techniques and a whole lotta alpaca love, Down Om Farms is all about building soils, sequestering carbon, and boosting biodiversity. Talk about green goals, am I right?

And guess what? Real soon, Alpaca Club reward members will be cashing in their points to score an exclusive trip to Down Om Farms, where they can kick it with the alpacas, soak up those farm vibes, and cash in on some well-deserved rewards. More information on this coming soon, keep an eye on your emails.

But let’s not forget the heart and soul behind it all – Down Om Farms is 100% family-owned and operated. They’re not just growing plants; they’re showering each and every one with personal love and affection. It’s like a spa day for your buds, man.

Now, onto the star of the show: Chemdog. This bad boy boasts a whopping 33% THC and 1.7% terps. Translation? You’re in for a wild ride with some seriously tasty flavor to boot.

So, there you have it, folks – Alpaca Club and Down Om Farms coming together to bring you the dankest, most chillaxed herb around. Stay lifted, stay lit, and keep those good vibes rollin’. Peace out!

Grab a bag for yourself here