Alpaca Club LOVES Canna-lean for Sacramento Delivery!

CAnna Lean 1000 mg

Canna-Lean 1000mg, Sugar free, watermelon , grape and Raspberry

Canna-lean is one of our favorite products here at Alpaca club because it has a fast-acting formula, its full spectrum and is one of the cheapest forms of 1000 milligrams of THC that we can find that people love for Sacramento Delivery.
Available in Classic, Grape, Watermelon or Sugar-Free, We just got in the smallest version called XTRME which is 1000 mg in 2 fl oz, the smallest bottle!

This product is one of the best products on the market because:
This is a Fast acting edible and comes in a tiny bottle.
Provides Cannabis in a harm reduction form.
Under 50$ for 1000 mg is a really affordable product for high level pain management.
This product is prepared by mixing thoroughly with your favorite drink, Chill and enjoy!
– Mat, an Alpaca, Sacramento Delivery!

Mission Brands was founded by Mitchell Davis, who is also the founder and a major shareholder of Sanctuary Soils, which is a California soil company specializing in the production of organic soils for cannabis. It is one of California’s largest producers of organic soil
This product is created by Mission Brands, which  was one of California’s first Clean Green certified cannabis growers, the first cultivator in the USA approved to have kosher-inspected cannabis products labeled. Mission Brands products are all California produced. Thru our licensed partners, many of the planting, manufacturing, testing and packaging stages of these processes are carried out following S.O.P’s developed over years by Mission. Located in California’s Central Valley, our company supports the local community and we proudly provide exceptional employee benefits and strive to support local business suppliers whenever possible.

You can find Cannalean products from mission brands at or call our shop at (916)9994420

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