A – AAAAA: The Marijuana Rating Scale


Ever wonder how weed is rated? How do they come up with these letters? lol. The following is a quick reference to how the rating works.

A Grade

A Grade weed is nothing to get excited about. This is usually the low-quality buds that aren’t worth spending extra money on. It’ll often come covered in stems and with weak buds.

AA Grade

AA Grade weed is decent, mid-range quality marijuana. You can get quite a lot of variance at this quality and might find weed graded from AA- to AA . It’s not necessarily the best weed in terms of appearance, but it can still give you a pretty good high. Often a great choice for those who want a potent high without paying too much for it.

AAA Grade

AAA Grade weed is when you start to get to the high-quality weed. This usually applies to buds that look thick, healthy, and colorful. You’ll see colored hairs of purple, orange or yellow depending on the strain. You’ll also see more trichome crystals. This quality of weed will usually give you an intense, potent high. Indica strains will instantly make you feel relaxed, mellow, and free of any pain and stress. Sativa strains will quickly give a boost to your mood and energy levels.

AAAA Grade

AAAA Grade weed is top-shelf quality. Some users refer to this as loud due to its strong odor and color. Once you get to this quality, you’ll notice all kinds of colorful hairs throughout the bud, along with plenty of crystals of strong, THC-packed trichomes. AAAA Grade weed is also highly pungent, you’ll get a strong aroma and taste from this kind of cannabis.


Users may refer to AAAAA grade weed as fire, chronic, dank, flame or a variety of other names. In basic terms, it’s top-quality weed that will suit even the most enthusiastic weed lovers.

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